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Startup and Small Businesses: Incorporation Registration

Minute Book

We can help you before your business entity even exists, and you decide how far we can accompany you.
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About AIDIA Legal

Aidia Legal is a brand of Sigtrap Inc, a federally incorporated entity with a long history of IT consulting services specialized in ERP. We are excited to extend our focus area to legal automation and services.

We are proud to have developed our Document Engine™ in-house to automate certain corporate documents. If you want the final work to be proof-read and overseen by a lawyer, the option is yours.

Our principal consultant, Florence So, is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, as well as a member of the Barreau du Quebec. She is also a software engineer with many years of consulting experience.

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Have a chat about how we can help you with legal or technical aspects of your business.

We speak English, French, Cantonese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Services for new businesses

  • Incorporation
  • Registration
  • Record Filings
  • Minute Book
  • IT Consulting
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Contract Review
  • Pitch Deck Review
  • Charitable Status Application
  • Privacy Compliance

Legal services for business

Incorporate my business


To incorporate or Not to incorporate your business? That is the Question. We help you decide the most suitable form of business according to your situation.

Federal incorporation vs. Provincial incorporation?

We can help you decide.

Within Canada

If you carry on business in a province, you are required to register the business and file declarations periodically. It’s the law.

Maintaining accurate records is good governance. If you are looking to sell your business in the future, good record keeping will save you lots of headache and attract the right kind of investors.

Want to create a minute book? A share holder agreement? A share certificate?

Try our self-service tool

Save costs by entering information on our website to take advantage of our software Document Engine™. You have the option of having final work proof-read and overseen by a lawyer.

Intellectual property planning

Intellectual property planning

If you are looking into acquiring IP assets for your business, we can help you plan and refer you to IP specialists trusted by us.

Not every business would benefit from investing immediately in IP, especially if you are a startup. Talk to us to determine if early registration is right for you.

How do I patent my logo?  You don’t! Different categories of IP, such as Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade secret, and Industrial Design, are protected differently.  Give us a call.

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Is your small business ready for new legal requirements? Find out.


Give us a call. If we cannot help you, we will defer you to Privacy specialists trusted by us.

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